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Insights from some of our Student Athletes in the USA

Listening to athletes across the USA, their stories go beyond the game. From facing challenges to forming strong bonds with teammates, these personal experiences highlight how academics and sports shape character and personal growth.

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Our agency is committed to offering a unique global experience for student-athletes worldwide. We specialise in carefully assisting individuals from diverse backgrounds in finding the ideal match, aligning their unique aspirations with top-tier educational institutions worldwide. Tailoring opportunities to each athlete’s specific needs, we ensure that every student-athlete not only excels in their chosen sport but also thrives in an environment fostering personal and academic growth on a global scale.

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University sports are divided into two associations: NCAA and NAIA.


NCAA consists of about 1,200 universities, offering 23 sports and divided into three divisions.


Sports scholarships are provided for NCAA DI and DII divisions, with an annual budget of around $2 billion.


NAIA includes about 300 universities, offering 13 sports and divided into two divisions.

Sports scholarships are available for NAIA DI and DII divisions, with an annual budget of approximately $450 million.


NJCAA (Junior Colleges)

There are 525 junior colleges in the U.S.A. They last for 2 years and include 3 divisions. Junior colleges facilitate a more economical transition to a four-year school (NCAA, NAIA). There are 50 national championships held annually in this category of college sports, with the most popular sports being basketball, volleyball, and football. The budget for scholarships is $2 billion annually.

The sports scholarship program in America is becoming increasingly popular among international students year by year. Student-athletes are increasingly choosing to pursue education in America because not only will they receive prestigious degrees, but they will also enhance their sports skills to a commendable level, providing them with the opportunity for an excellent and successful sports career.


  • Fill out the College Star International questionnaire.
  • Create highlight video material.
  • Sign a contract with the College Star agency and submit the required documentation.
  • Register for the SAT and TOEFL tests.
  • Apply to the NAIA/NCAA Eligibility Center.
  • Provide official offers from interested universities to the client.
  • Select a university.
  • Prepare and attend an interview for a visa at the USA embassy.
  • Travel to the USA.



  • Complete the College Star International questionnaire.
  • Create highlight video material.
  • Sign a contract with College Star and submit the necessary documentation.
  • Receive official offers from interested schools.
  • Choose a school.
  • Prepare and attend an interview for a visa at the USA embassy.
  • Travel to the USA.

The High School program significantly contributes to an easier adaptation to the American education system, thereby playing a crucial role not only in finding a suitable university but also in securing an appropriate scholarship that is acceptable to parents. CSI exclusively collaborates with international high schools in the U.S.A.

Boarding School

  • Opting for the Boarding option means accommodation is within the school premises.

Hosting School

  • Accommodation with families connected to the school is provided under the Hosting option, and it is essential to note that the school, not CSI, carefully selects these families.

Interest in studying abroad increases every year. Coaches in America often choose to prioritise young athletes who will be in their program for several years. Additionally, parents decide to send their children at the beginning of high school, proving to be an excellent move, especially in terms of college admissions and the selection of colleges.

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