David Richards

Митар Кустудија


Office: +389 78 292 955

Email: collegestarmk@gmail.com



Ивона Лугоњиќ

Director of administrative office

Office: +389 78 292 955

Email: collegestar021@gmail.com


Сања Мијатовиќ Мајин

MA English Language and Literature
SAT and TOEFL instructor

Office: +381 69 444 0690

Email: info@avalonians.com


Владимир Меденица
Volleyball coordinator

Office: +389 78 292 955

Email: collegestarvolleyball@gmail.com

Марко Кустудија
Tennis coordinator

Office: +389 78 292 955

Email: collegestartennis@gmail.com

Goran Obradovic
Горан Обрадовиќ
Track & Field coordinator

Office: +389 78 292 955

Email: obradovicgoran@yahoo.com

Mark Cook
Basketbal Coordinator

Email: collegestarbasketball2008@gmail.com

Dušan Kovačević
Basketball coordinator

Dusan Kovacevic spent 10 years living in the United States. When he was 14 years old, he earned a basketball scholarship at Rabun Gap school. In his 4 years there, he was recognized as one of the best players in the state. He received many D1 offers as well as professional contracts. Dusan played for U16 as well as U18 Serbian national teams with whom he won 3rd place in European Championship. After graduating from high school, he earned a full-tuition scholarship at Davidson College. He played all 4 years for the Wildcats with whom he won the Atlantic 10 championship in 2018 and had one NCAA tournament appearance. Upon earning his college degree, Dusan received an opportunity to work for the Charlotte Hornets. He worked there for a year as basketball operation coordination.

Email: collegestarbasketball2008@gmail.com


Panos Kokkinis
Panos Kokkinis
General manager for Greece

Tel: +30 6987 217188

Email: cs.greece@usa.com

Бојан Златковски
Бојан Златковски
General manager for Macedonia

Tel: +389 78 292955

Email: collegestarmk@gmail.com