Scholarship high school program


In its High School Program, College Star agency offers only the best schools in the USA – BOARDING SCHOOLS

Boarding schools have organized accommodation and food within the school, so our clients have no problem with choosing a family for that purpose... It is important to stress that clients can attend high school as soon as they finish primary school…


Secondary education in the USA is organized in four academic years – ninth grade (freshman), tenth grade (sophomore), eleventh grade (junior) and twelfth grade (senior). Certain schools offer the possibility of attending a Prep year, meaning a preparatory year. The Preparatory year is designed for all those who, for whatever reason, failed to enroll in a university or managed to enroll but would like to try for a better school, so they enroll in the Preparatory year in order to improve their high school grades and to prepare for the tests necessary for admission to universities (SAT and TOEFL). Of course in addition to all this, it allows for students to play sports at level that is better than that of secondary schools but inferior to that of universities thus giving themselves a year to grow, develop and be spotted by college coaches who closely follow prep competitions.

The academic year begins in late August or early September of each year.

Students in secondary schools have a wider range of subjects, so they choose which subjects they want to take, however, they must meet a “standard”. This standard is in the form of points or “credits”. The system prescribes a minimum standard that each student must meet by the end of his schooling in order to graduate.

The schools are often small with a small number of students. Departments consist of significantly smaller groups of students, all with the goal of providing a better teaching quality and the possibility for the professors to give more attention to each student individually.

There is no oral examination; rather all exams (tests) are done exclusively in written form. Tests do not usually take a whole class and they are graded with A, B, C, D or E. A is equivalent to five points in Serbia, while E score is insufficient.

Professors consistently give homework to their students, with tasks that carry a certain number of points. The more tasks a student does and the better he does them, the more points he will get. Homework is an important pillar of the American educational system and that is why professors consider it to be very significant.

Participation in classes is also of great importance. Answering questions, participating in discussions and any other form of active participation in class activities are highly valued. It is all up to you, you have to be active if you want to be successful!