Parents’ guide

Why study in the USA?

The US educational system is considered to be the most popular in the world since every year 30% (500000) of students from all over the world choose to study in the USA.

Why are studies in the USA so popular?

What is a sports scholarship?

Sports scholarships are funds that a student athlete receives from a university/ high school and in return plays for their sports team. In the United States there are scholarships for a total of 29 sports both in men’s and women’s categories, of which the most predominant in Serbia are: basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, swimming, water polo, athletics, etc…

Does my child have an opportunity to get a sports scholarship in the USA?

The first, most frequent question asked by parents is: “Is my child good enough to get a sports scholarship?”
There is only one way to find out! Most parents think that their child needs to be on a professional level in order to compete in college and receive a sports scholarship... This rule applies only to a small number of universities/ high schools as there are many universities, conferences and divisions in the USA that offer a large number of scholarships for athletes who are on an amateur level.

What is the amount of the scholarship that my child can receive?

Another commonly asked question by parents is: “What is the amount of the scholarship that my child can receive?”
This is not a simple question as it depends on many factors… The amount of the scholarship offered by coaches depends on the student’s high school GPA, SAT test results, TOEFL test, his current sports abilities, previous results, as well as on the needs of the university itself… The scholarship may range from 0 to 100%, the amount of the scholarship that will be granted is determined solely by the coach, and it is our duty to use our experience and successful cooperation with a large number of universities/ high schools in the USA in order to ensure that our client receives the best possible offer. What we can say is that we are successful in 95% of the cases when it comes to finding the most adequate scholarship for our clients. Our policy is to accept, in the Premium and Premium + Packages Programs, only those clients for whom our expert team has estimated that they can get an adequate scholarship.

Is the diploma acquired in the USA recognized in Serbia and the rest of Europe?

Yes, it is recognized. A student who completes four-year studies in the US (Bachelor’s Degree) is considered to be a qualified worker in Serbia as well as in all of Europe.