About college star agancy

College Star Agency

College Star was founded in 2008 by professionals who were either directly or indirectly involved with the functioning of the American sports education program. Our team is made up of people who were first players and later became coaches at US universities, as well as of sports managers who, thanks to their abilities, have gained the trust of many coaches in the USA.

Driven by experience, enthusiasm and faith that only through friendly relations, transparent dealings and genuine commitment we can achieve what we want, we established College Star.

Our primary goal is to become the most accessible and most prestigious agency in the region, known for our sincere and direct contact with our clients in all dealings, our consistency and transparency, as well as for our sense of responsibility.

It is striving towards that goal that sets us apart from other agencies in the market.

The vast number of satisfied athletes and parents serves as our best reference and is evidence of how close we are to achieving our goal.